Teaching Overview

Currently Teaching

Below is a list of the classes I am currently teaching in Summer 2019 at the University of Georgia.

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CSCI 2610: Discrete Mathematics

The fundamental mathematical tools used in computer science: sets, relations, and functions; propositional logic, predicate logic, and inductive proofs; summations, recurrences, and elementary asymptotics; counting and discrete probability; undirected and directed graphs; introductory linear algebra, with applications in computer science.

Photo Credit: Petras Gagilas; CC BY-SA 2.0

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CSCI 3030E: Computing, Ethics, and Society (Online)

Introduction to social and ethical issues relating to computer science and information technology. Topics include privacy, intellectual property, open source software, the digital divide, globalization, professional ethics, social justice issues, and current events. Students should have a working knowledge of personal computing.

Photo Credit: Alan Jones; CC BY 2.0

Courses Taught

Below is a table that summarizes the courses that I’ve taught at the University of Georgia. Except for CSCI 1301L where I was a Lab Instructor, I was the Instructor of Record for all courses listed.

Prefix ID Title Count Last
CSCI 6730 Operating Systems 1 Spring 2019
CSCI 5007 Internship in Computer Science 1 Summer 2019
CSCI 4960 Faculty-Mentored Research in Computer Science 1 Fall 2018
CSCI 4950 Directed Study in Computer Science 2 Spring 2019
HONS 4800H Honors Capstone Internship 1 Summer 2018
CSCI 4760 Computer Networks 1 Spring 2018
CSCI 4730 Operating Systems 1 Spring 2019
CSCI 4300 Web Programming 1 Fall 2018
CSCI 3030E Computing, Ethics, and Society (Online) 1 Summer 2019
CSCI 3030 Computing, Ethics, and Society 5 Summer 2018
CSCI 2720 Data Structures 1 Summer 2015
CSCI 2670 Theory of Computation 1 Summer 2018
CSCI 2610 Discrete Mathematics 5 Summer 2019
CSCI 1730 Systems Programming 7 Spring 2017
CSCI 1302 Software Development 21 Spring 2019
CSCI 1301L Introduction to Computing and Programming (Lab) 2 Spring 2012