Research Overview

Research Statement

I am currently in the process of revising my research statement to reflect my long-term goal to integrate open science, active open educational resources, and peer-based active learning in a way that facilitates effective, low-anxiety computer science education at scale so that as many students as possible can actively engage in discipline-specific activities while learning. I expect this revised statement to be posted in Fall 2020. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a collaboration.

Keywords: open educational resources, peer-based active learning, computing education

CCS Concepts: Social and Professional Topics → Computing Education; Computer Science Education

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Research Tools

While a lot of research is moving towards open access, there are still many scholarly articles that exist behind paywalls. If you are a UGA student, faculty, or staff member, then you may have direct access to many of those articles through the UGA library. To make access even more convenient, you can add the bookmarklet link below to your bookmarks (should be an option via right click). It redirects whatever page you are on to to its corresponding UGA Library direct link: