Contact Information

My office is located in room 610B of the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center at the University of Georgia. If I’m not in my office during my office hours, then I’m either in the Boyd 307 lab or I’m off getting coffee somewhere.

Office Hours (Spring 2019)

TUE 09:30 - 10:30 Boyd 610B
WED 09:30 - 10:30 Boyd 610B
THU 09:30 - 10:30 Boyd 610B

For class-related questions, do NOT directly email myself or TAs! Instead, please post your questions on Piazza. You have the option to send a private message to the instructors and TAs.

CSCI 1302
CSCI 4730
CSCI 6730


If you want to send me an encrypted message, then please use my PGP public key []. The fingerprint for my public key is given below.

pub   rsa2048/55D897A5 2017-10-22 [SC]
uid   Michael E. Cotterell (Supa' Mike) <>
uid   Michael E. Cotterell (Supa' Mike) <>

More information on how to sign and encrypt files to send to Michael can be found here. If you know me personally and want me to sign your public key, then please send me a signed request via email.

Other Contact Information

Michael E. Cotterell
Department of Computer Science
The University of Georgia
415 Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, GA 30602-7404
(706) 542-4799