Spring Research Assistantship Accepted!

I got an offer for a 1/6th time Research Assistantship in the Spring, working with Dr. Miller in the Computer Science Department and Dr. Kissinger in the Institute of Bioinformatics. According to the letter, recipients are selected through a competitive process, and assistantships are awarded only to the University's most qualified individuals to aid them in their pursuit of study or research. Anyway, I accepted the offer. So, I'll be on both a Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship in the Spring!

Three more classes, and some suspense.

Since my last post, I've encountered three more classes: Software Engineering, Simulation and Modeling, and Directed Study. Okay, so Directed Study is pretty much an extension of the research I was doing over the summer. The other two classes will definitely be interesting. I took the undergraduate level of Software Engineering about two years ago. For all intents and purposes, it's the same class. The only exception is that Graduate Students have to answer an additional question on tests. I already know the core material. The only interesting challenge will be forming a group for the group project. With respect to Simulation and Modeling, this class will definitely benefit my contributions to the ScalaTion Research Group. The only thing that's suspenseful is the fact that the assignment for my Teaching Assistantship hasn't been assigned yet. I'm hoping that the Graduate Coordinator has the assignments in the next couple of days because I'm having to delay scheduling some of my research meetings until I know my full schedule. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

Quick Thoughts on STM (Software Transactional Memory) in Scala (Akka, et al)

Judging from the fact that Odersky's new company, Typesafe, is including Akka in their Typesafe Stack means that there must be a growing interest in concurrency, actors, and Software Transactional Memory (STM) among Scala developers. Personally, (and I regret to say it) the only area in which I'm really familiar with Transactional Memory is with regards to database systems. Anyway, after reading up on STM, I think I'm going to try and apply it my next couple of Scala projects.

Does anyone have any novel ideas in this area? Any papers I need to read? Etc?