Carrello Demo Day! (CSCI 6050 Term Project)

Today my team for Dr. Kochut's CSCI 6050 Software Engineering class will demo our term project, Carrello. As of svn revision 412, we estimate the following metrics on the lines of code:

  • Java: 5,625
  • Freemarker Templates & HTML: 1,079
  • CSS: 665
  • XML: 1,892

Here are some screenshots, for the curious: The entire software development process (a modified version of the Waterfall model) was followed in the creation of this software system. The result is a system that I, as the Team Technical Editor, can say with confidence fulfills the functional and non-functional requirements presented to us at the beginning of the semester.

I would like to thank the entire Carrello development team: Mehdi Allahyari (Project Manager & Developer), Usman Nisar (Concept Modeler & Developer), and Haseeb Yousaf (Persistence Engineer & Developer). It has been an amazing semester! The experience we've gained and the teamwork we've demonstrated will definitely serve us well in the future.

Software Engineering Class - Requirements Document Submitted

In my Software Engineering class, we're already working on the various phases of the development process for the term project. Today, my team and I submitted the initial version of our Requirements Document. It weighed in at around 75 pages, with over 20 use case descriptions and about a dozen user-interface mockups. Congratulations team!