Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Going to Grad School and getting paid for it at the same time sounds like a deal, right? Pretty much is. I do have to work 13 hours a week (on top of classes and research) helping grade papers or teaching a lab, but that seems manageable at the moment. I've even gone so far as to lighten my weekend loads by reducing the number of hours I manage at Jason's Deli from 24 to 12. This should free up my Saturdays just in case I need more time to get things done. Also, I have to take GRSC 7770: Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminar once a week. So far, the class seems like it will be pretty interesting. We'll discuss various teaching topics and scenarios, and I'll get to hear the opinions of my fellow peers. I'm sure the instructor will throw in UGA policy when applicable. Our first real assignment seems pretty easy: make a syllabus. It's not like I haven't seen lots of those before. Some of the more interesting assignments I noticed include: by the end of the semester, we will each have to present a 40-minute lecture on some topic in Computer Science; and, we will be working on an online teaching portfolio. Sounds good so far. I'll keep you guys posted as I learn more.